Integrated innovative development of Zarafshan region: achievements, challenges and prospects
26 - 27 October 2017, Navoi, Uzbekistan

From the regional economy it is known that the region is a territorially isolated part of the country's economy that differs from another region by specialization, integrated development of the economy and the possibility of its management. A similar characteristic is characteristic of Uzbekistan and its regions. Zarafshan region is a large industrial and cultural center of the country, which has an important place in its economic development. In the bowels of the region, there are deposits of gold, tungsten, phosphorites, quartz sand, cement raw materials, limestone. Of great importance is the availability of gold-bearing areas, on the basis of which the gold mining industry arose. Also, the region has the most developed uranium deposits in Uzbekistan. There are a number of oil and gas deposits.

The leading industries of the Zarafshan region are: mining, metallurgy, chemical, energy, oil and gas, machine-tool and building materials. The branches of agriculture are developed, such as cotton growing, fur farming, vegetable growing, melon growing, viticulture, karakul breeding, silkworm breeding. Livestock is considered diversified.

The study of international experience shows that practically in all developed countries of the world, in the programs of structural reorganization of their economy, the scientific and technical potential is given a significant if not leading role. At the same time, due to special attention to the regional aspect of scientific and technical policy, large positive results were achieved in the social and economic development of previously backward or depressed areas. In the US, Japan, China, Canada, Germany, France and other countries, the scientific and technological potential is actively used to transform the economy of the territories, improve the structure of the economy of the regions with a focus on high-tech industries, and solve social and environmental problems.

At the heart of the qualitative changes taking place in the economy, there are changes in the nature of the development of production. Practically all developed countries pass to economic growth on the basis of knowledge and information, to production based on the use of the latest scientific and technological achievements and information technologies. These trends are closely related to the transformation of forms and methods of organization and management of economic entities.

Intellectual products of scientists are in demand in almost all manufacturing enterprises, regardless of the forms of their economic activities and property. The market of science-intensive products is dynamically developing thanks to new innovative solutions in the form of ideas, technologies, projects, and this is one of the main factors of the intensive long-term development of the economic bloc of the Republic. At the same time, the practical use of the results of scientific research is significantly behind the real needs.

The organization of an international scientific conference with the participation of leading world scientists engaged in a direction that characterizes the Zarafshan region of Uzbekistan is a very necessary measure. During the conference, many scientific developments will be discussed on various priority directions of the region, recommendations for the expansion and enhancement of the effectiveness of scientific research and innovation will be developed.


About 100 leading foreign scientists from different countries, more than 200 scientists of the republic, representatives of Uzbek mass media, representatives of ministries and departments, as well as senior research associates, university students and employees of the Research Institute of Uzbekistan will take part in the conference.

Scientists from universities and the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, the rector of higher educational institutions of the Republic and leading scientists from Germany, Korea, Japan, China, England, France, USA, Italy, Australia and other countries will take part in the conference.