JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan

JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan, an Uzbek-German joint venture, offers a wide range of trucks from the German manufacturer MAN - the world's leading production leader in this field..

To date, the range of trucks and special equipment is more than 40 items. In addition, the company also considers the individual needs of customers for different models. Reliability, economy, safety and comfort have become the hallmarks of the products of JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan. The company produces cars with a gross mass from 15 to 41 tons.

All components are supplied from Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia, and assembling is carried out at the assembly plant JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan


Automobiles SamAuto - is a bold embodiment of innovative design ideas, implemented in high quality technology. Modern design combined with high technical characteristics allows the SamAvto equipment to occupy a stable position in the international market of vehicles, competing with world manufacturers. Particularly important role in the production process is assigned to improving the quality level of the products.


Bukhara oil refinery

It is already 17 years when under the initiative of the head of our state the oil refinery was launched in Qaravulbazar district. Built under the project of a French company "TEKNIP" this plant used for technologic process the licenses of such institutions as the French Oil Institute, the American "Merikem" and Holland "Komprimo" companies. The plant has a capacity of annual refinery of 2,5 million tons of oil and gas condensate. Plant’s products such as motor petrol, aviation kerosene, diesel fuel, hydrocarbon solvent, reduced crude, dissolved gas and sulfur are in high demand. Under the programs of the products’ quality improvement and bringing to the international standards here was developed the production technology of antiknock fuel of such brands as AI-91 and AI-95.    Another news came in November 2008 when production of an environmentally clean and cold-resistant diesel fuel was established. In addition, started production of the "Jet-A-1" aviation kerosene intended for “Boeing” and “Airbus” airliners. This product, which successfully passed the examination of foreign experts, is delivered at regular basis to the National airline “Uzbekistan airways”. Also, according to the program on Localization of Manufacturing Ready Products, Spare Parts and Materials, our plant produces the hydrocarbon solvent that is an important material for the paint and varnish enterprises.    Our plant is a unique enterprise in Central Asia with the four international certificates of standard. Activities conducted on a constant basis concerning modernization of manufacturing, and bringing to the international standard. For example, upon signing an agreement with the British "UNIX TECHNO PLUS LTD" a number of activities are held with the leading international companies such as "UOP" and "HONEYWELL" on audit of equipment and establishment of starting economic and technical basis. The objective of the above is to bring the quality of a product to level "Euro-4,5", and, at the second stage, to bring the level of product recycling to 95%. It is necessary to emphasize especially a contribution the administration of a plant is making for development of the district. 



АО "Qizilqumsement" is located 8.7 km southwest of the city of Navoi and 3 - x km south of the main road Tashkent-Samarkand-Bukhara. The approved design capacity of the three existing lines - 3 mln.080 thousand tons of cement per year.

The terrain - Piedmont with a bias towards the north. The climate is sharply continental, fluctuations in temperature ranges from -24 degrees C to +47 degrees C. The plant has a resource base: - limestone quarry, located at a distance of 7 km from the industrial plant and shale quarry, 10 km from the plant. Limestones and shales are delivered from the faces and heavy-pit dump to the grinding compartment. After crushing limestone and shale are transported on a conveyor belt factory trunk length of 5.5 km.

 In 1977 - 1978, put in place the first and second processing line with a diameter of 6.4 rotary kilns / 7 m, 95 m long, in 1989, a third production line, complete with a rotary kiln with a diameter of 4.5 m and a length of 97.5 m with a reactor-calciner. 

The design capacity of each kiln 3,000 tons of clinker per day. Feedstock shop is staffed by eight raw mill with a diameter of 4.2 m and a length of 10 m with the through-air-separators shop "grinding" is staffed by six cement mills with a diameter of 4.0 m and a length of 13.5 m

In the process of modernization of production "Qizilqumsement" and procurement of technological equipment only in 2009 and 2012y launched the production of several new types of cement products.



The enterprise began the activity in 1964 as plant on production of mineral fertilizers.

Navoiyazot open joint stock company is the largest enterprise of chemical branch of Uzbekistan issuing more than 60 names of the products used in various industries.
Production of JSC Navoiyazot is in demand not only in Uzbekistan, but also in the neighbor, and foreign countries.

JSC Navoiyazot has the developed infrastructure: has good repair base, has convenient access railway and automobile roads, treatment facilities.Existence of the developed infrastructure and highly qualified specialists allowed the enterprise to worry difficult 90th years of last century and to develop further, keeping the leading positions in branch.  The enterprise has the purposeful policy in the field of improvement of quality of production, environmental protection, reconstruction of the main productions, introduction of innovations, social protection of employees of the enterprise, training is pursued.

The main types of products and services of the enterprise (organization)           Ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, Nitron fiber, acetic acid, sodium cyanide, nitric acid, carbon dioxide, methanol, rectified, hydrochloric acid, polyacrylamide, argon gas, formalin, liquid chlorine, uniflok, CF resins, acetylene, methanol mark A, Phosphatic ammoniac saltpeter, dimethyl ether and other

Navoi Mining Metallurgical Combine

NMMC structure is comprised of five major mining and metallurgical enterprises (Navoi, Uchkuduk, Zarafshan, Nurabad, Zafarabad cities were built on their bases), as well as “Navoi Machine Building Plant” Production Association and Zarafshan Construction Management; the Combinat activity covers four regions in the republic. All the above cities are on balance of the Combinat and are connected among themselves with roads and railways, power lines included in the integrated power grid of the republic. Moreover they have independent life-support systems, including district heating and water supply, modern housing facilities, objects of social sphere. The Combinat has kept its economic relations and gained recognition in the CIS countries and in the world business community.

Gold and uranium form the basis NMMC activity as an industrial enterprise is founded on. Besides the Combinat develops deposits of phosphorites, common salt, facing stone (gabbro, granite, marble), sand for mortar and foundry, chalkstone. The Combinat being a multi-industry mining and processing company, nevertheless, pays main attention to gold production that assists strengthening of economic power of Uzbekistan.


Navoi FIEZ

Navoi FIEZ offers foreign investors a wide range of opportunities for doing business and initially endows them with great competitive advantages.

Covering an area of 564 hectares Navoi FEZ is located adjacent to the one of the most industrial cities of Uzbekistan Navoi city and 100-175 km from large cities and industrial centers as Bukhara and Samarkand.

Navoi FEZ territory is granted special legal regime including taxation, currency exchange and customs regimes, simplified order for entry, stay and departure, as well as obtaining work permits for non-residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan; extensive tax and customs preferences as well as preferences on other dues are provided.

To create the most favorable conditions for investors, enterprises in Navoi FEZ are provided with high-level infrastructure. FEZ enterprises are provided with adequate transport infrastructure, utilities, labor safety systems and comfortable environment for employees.

Navoi FEZ is placed in immediate proximity to the international airport, E-40 highway and railway lines of international significance which mostly enables to exploit effectively the advantages of multimodal transport-and-logistics hub of Navoi.


JV JC "Elektrokimyozavodi" is located in region Navoi, the basic production - a production of the chemical products directed in to improvement agronomic culture.