At JSC "Uzkimyosanoat" produced more than 170 kinds of chemical products.Enterprises of the chemical technologyresource Uzbekistan can be divided into the following major production complexes of the type of the products:

• complex production of mineral fertilizers, inorganic chemicals and chemical reagents for energy, gold-mining and chemical industry;

• the complex of production of organic chemicals, artificial fibers, polymer materials;

• production of chemical means of plant protection;

• the production of soda ash.

Chemical industry of the country, playing an important strategic role in the economy of the Republic and the Central Asian region has a powerful production and technical base, and also has all the necessary conditions for the further perspective development of large deposits of natural gas, gas condensate, sulphur, phosphorus, sylvite, sodium chloride, limestone.

Products of JSC "Uzkimyosanoat" demanded the leading sectors of the economy.

Chemical industry is among basic industries of Uzbekistan was formed based on the needs of intensifying agricultural production through the establishment of enterprises for production of mineral fertilizers - JSC "Maksam-Chirchik" JSC "Ferganaazot", JSC "Navoiazot",JSC "ammophos", "Samarkandkimyo" and "Kokand superphosphate plant" produce phosphate-based fertilizers, ammonium phosphate, suprefos, ammoniated simple superphosphate, ammonianitrogen and nitrocalciumphosphate. Them provides the raw material of the Kyzylkum phosphorite plant. JV-JSC "Electrokhimzavod" produces various kinds of chemical means of plant protection.

The amount and types of produced mineral fertilizers of JSC "Uzkimyosanoat" has a leading position in Central Asia, being the largest producer of ammonia, urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, ammophos and nitrophos, as well as the region's only manufacturer of all three types of fertilizers — nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. From 2016 to this list were added the complex NPK-fertilizers.

To implement structural reforms, modernization and diversification of the chemical industry, ensure a deeper processing of rich natural resources, increase of finished export-oriented chemical production and wide attraction for these purposes of foreign investment development Programme of the chemical industry until 2021. Realization of actions for modernization and technical upgrading of the chemical industry, introduction of modern innovative technologies and creating new industries based on modern energy - saving technologies will give a powerful impetus to the withdrawal of Uzbekistan to a new level, providing our nation's competitiveness in the global market.

As a result of the implementation of the Program will be organized production of more than 20 new products — PVC, tires, conveyor belts, agricultural tyres, carbon black, potassium sulfate, potassium hydroxide and others, which will provide diversification of products. In particular, the proportion of netcobol production by 2021 will increase from 24 to 44 percent as of 2022 will be more than 50 percent.

The future of chemical engineering lies in the adherence rate for the production of environmentally friendly mineral fertilizers, or, in other words, with minimal impact on the ecological balance of nature, which in turn stimulates the expansion of safe food granary of mankind.

Chemical industry of our country, which is one of the leading industries, making a significant contribution to the development of the economy and its export capacity, fully satisfies the domestic demand for chemical products, as well as growing shipments to the external market.

The development of the oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan

For the industry new life was begun from the first days of the sovereignty of the Republic of Uzbekistan. From this time begins a new stage in the development of the oil and gas industry. The leadership of the country attached special importance to overall development of the industry and was accompanied by the solution of the following strategic objectives:

- significant increases in the production of oil and gas condensate to achieve oil independence of the Republic;

- intensification of technological processes for the processing of oil and gas to bring product quality up to world standards;

- increasing reserves of hydrocarbons, especially liquid, by opening new fields to ensure reliable raw material base of oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan.

11 December 1998, was signed the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan №PD-2154 "On the transformation of National Corporation of the oil and gas industry "Uzbekneftegaz" National holding company "Uzbekneftegaz", came into force and the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 523 "About the organization and activities of the National holding company "Uzbekneftegaz".

For sustainable, dynamic and balanced development of industry of the Republic, deepening of structural reforms aimed at diversifying key industries and growth of export potential, further improve the efficiency and competitiveness of industries, complexes and industrial enterprises on the basis of their modernization, technical and technological renovation of production determined the main tasks and priority directions of development of industry of the Republic in 2011-2015, the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan №PP-1442 "On priorities of industrial development of Uzbekistan in 2011-2015" dated December 15, 2010

Today Uzbekneftegaz national holding company employing around 120 thousand people is a vertically integrated three-level holding company that unites more than 200 companies involved in all activities of the oil and gas industry.

In 2004, between the Republic of Uzbekistan and consortium of investors in the Russian oil company LUKOIL and the National holding company Uzbekneftegaz signed an Agreement on production section (SRP) concerning the site of Kandym group of fields, sites of Khauzak and Shada, and also Kungrad site for a period of 35 years (mega-project).

Innovative technology in the chemical industry

Broad prospects for rapid growth of production of mineral fertilizers in Uzbekistan was opened after the commissioning of the richest natural gas fields in the Bukhara region. Use as raw material natural gas deposits of the Bukhara allowed to bring plants nitrogen fertilizers to areas of consumption.In this regard, JSC "Navoiyazot" was developed by the following main projects:

• ammonia

• weak nitric acid (under pressure of 5.6 ATM 7.3 ATM)

• ammonium nitrate

• shop organic a complex for the production of acetylene

• acetic acid

• acetaldehyde

• nitrile of acrylic acid (NAC)

• ammonium sulphate

• hydrocyanic acid

• cyanide of sodium

• the production of fibre Nitron

For the period 1991-2014 years, mastered the production of 14 new types of products:

1. Drug "Unifloc", 1991;

2. Epoxy-Dianova resin brand ED-20, ED-16, ED-40, 1992.

3. CFG urea-formaldehyde resin, COP – 11, 1992.

4. Water soluble drugs K-4, K-9, 1993.

5. Polyacrylamide PAA gel, 1993.

6. Granular polyacrylamide, 1994.

7. Methanol grade "A", 1999;

8. Formalin – 37 %. 2000;

9. Caustic soda, 2001;

10. Hydrochloric acid, 2001;

11. Sodium hypochlorite, 2001;

12. Polypropylene sacks, 2005;

13. Nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer, 2009;

14. Water-dispersion paint, 2010.

JSC "Navoiyazot" took an active part in implementation of two projects in free industrial-economic zone "Navoi". Together with the South Korean company "DK Cosmetics" is created JV "Navoiy-ВeatuCosmetics" for the production of cosmetic products, and together with China "HunanAlofi&Exp. With. Ltd" is created JV "NavoiyHunanPulp" for the production of baby diapers. Named JV was put into operation in 2011.

Strategic goals of the enterprise is the growth of its capitalization and profitability through the introduction of innovative technologies, diversification of activities, development of production with high added value, construction of new facilities. Compliance processes of high standards of ecological and industrial safety, successful resolution of social issues enables the company to fulfill its mission: through constant growth, sustainable development and responsible attitude to the world around us to bring the maximum benefit to society, to help to bring about change, changing for the better our lives.

Development strategy of JSC "Navoiyazot" is developed in line with national investment policies.JSC "Navoiyazot" is actively implemented investment projects designed for the long term and aimed at technology modernization and technical re-equipment of production companies to ensure sustainable competitiveness of the company's products in the domestic and foreign markets by improving product quality, reducing its cost.

The development of mining and chemical industry of Navoi region


Mining industry is one of the leading sectors in the economy of Uzbekistan, based on the powerful mineral-raw material base. On a number of important minerals, such as gold, uranium, copper, tungsten, potash salts, phosphorites, kaolins, our country has confirmed reserves and prospects for their increase is not only a leading place among the CIS countries, but also among the top ten countries in the world.

The main deposits of gold and uranium are concentrated in the Central Kyzylkum region between the Amu Darya and Syr Darya. This region is the main field of activity of Navoi mining and metallurgical combine (NMMC).

According to experts, today NMMC is one of the leaders in the top ten world companies in the production of gold and uranium.

A diversified company produces diverse products for different sectors of the economy.

Besides the production of traditional products such as gold, silver and uranium, the company is involved in mining of phosphate raw materials and production from it of Dar and toconcentrate for further processing them at the chemical enterprises of the Republic with the aim of producing the final product - mineral fertilizers for agriculture.

On the basis of local raw materials, organized production of building materials: facing products made from gabbro, marble and granite, gravel, concrete, asphalt concrete, molding sand, limestone.


Efficient operation of such large enterprises as Navickiene and metallurgical plant, JSC "Navoiazot", "Kizilkumcement", small businesses and private entrepreneurship, the share of which has been growing in the economy of the country directly depends on investment projects.

The basic priority directions of development of chemical technology.

1. Research and development of technology for extracting hydrogen Rodenstock guanidine (EGR) and other organic impurities from the circulating mother liquor of the double salt RA and TM in the production of technical tiomochevina JSC "Navoiazot".

2. Study and development of technology for the following mineral fertilizers: AFU, bentosela, calcium nitrate, calcium magnesium nitrate in JSC "Navoiazot"..

3. Study and the development of new catalysts for the synthesis of formaldehyde, acetone and acetaldehyde in JSC "Navoiazot".

4. Study and development of technology for the production of solutions of chlorides of calcium and magnesium from dolomite deposits of Navoi and production of polyfunctional acting defoliant on the basis of their JV-JSC "Electrokhimzavod"

5. Study and the development of technology and creation of new products based on waste chlorine and floorproducts in JSC "Navoiazot".

6. Study and development of technology of obtaining complex nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers on the basis of the Kizilkum phosphorite.

7. Study and development of technology of receiving potassium and calcium nitrate on the basis of the combination of Dekhkanabad Deposit and limestone from mestorozhdeniya in Karmadonskom area.

8. Study and development of technology for production of potassium chlorate from waste production of caustic soda.

9. Study of physical-chemical properties of the dolomite and bentonite deposits of Navoi with the aim of obtaining new types of products (different fertilizers, defoliants, catalysts, sorbents).

10. The study and development of technologies for production and replacement calcium cadmium phosphate catalyst catalysts based on bentonite and kaolin Navoi and Tashkent field.

11. Study and development of technology of synthesis of polyvinyl chloride on the basis of waste production of caustic soda and natural gas.


12. Methods of beneficiation of low-grade phosphorites of Kyzylkum deposits.

13. Termemilano leaching and obtaining reenita from low-grade phosphate deposits of the Kyzylkum.